About the Jewelry

Tiny Anvil Jewelry references armor, talisman, simple tools and instruments of measurement that provide the wearer with a sense of grounding and protection. Tiny Anvil's designer, Erin McNally, plays with themes of structure and decay, utility and cosmology, the natural world and the industrial world, and overall, simplicity, resulting in jewelry that is both bold and everyday wearable.

About the Designer

Erin McNally designs and makes all jewelry currently carried by Tiny Anvil. 
As a native to Western Massachusetts, Erin grew up surround by the history of her area. Her aesthetic is influenced by both the antique tools of agriculture and the early industrial architecture that shaped the towns and cities around her. She is also influenced by the beauties of the natural world that, in some instances, are reclaiming those long since abandoned industrial spaces. 
 Having studied Cultural Anthropology as an undergrad, Erin is particularly interested in the ways we express and identify ourselves through both the adornments we wear and the tools we use. In her jewelry she hopes to provide the wearer with pieces that will proudly become a part of their self expression.